The way to Forward And Mask Your Domain


Are you currently in multilevel marketing, mlm sales, direct selling, or internet affiliate marketing of some type? In that case, you could have had the unpleasant connection with having certain social media giants for example Facebook block from posting your affiliate url on their sites. This is most likely due to the overwhelming amount of people inside your company posting the identical root url, which triggers a burglar block on said sites. how to forward your domain

It is always good if there were a means to bypass this block, wouldn't it? Oh wait, there is certainly! It's called forwarding and masking.
Free Method

On top of that, this can be achieved for free. I suggest utilizing a service including IBOTOOLBOX which not merely will allow you to forward and mask, but additionally supplies a plethora of amazing tools and services for internet business owners such as yourself!

When you make your account, it's as simple as a few clicks to produce a new url link that may forward and mask in your main affiliate link. The recording above explains step-by-step the way to try this. how to mask your domain
Inexpensive Method

So if you really want to adopt it to another level and stay ahead of the group, I suggest spending money on your personal custom domain name, which you can do exactly about anywhere, but I like GoDaddy due to the discount prices and simplicity of navigating the account area. The thought the following is that as opposed to being tied to a normal domain name, you'll have a custom domain that concerns your small business, making you appear a lot more professional in the long run.

All that to say, Facebook, Twitter, and whoever else can throw some curveballs at us - we merely need to find out which tools to use and then we cannot only see 'em comin', but turn them into an advantage for us as well!